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I have been pleased with the service that Accutype offers for transcriptions of my dictated outpatient clinic visit notes. The digital dictation equipment has helped with rapid turn-around time of notes being posted on our electronic medical records.  We really appreciate the help from Accutype over the years.

Kristin Bell, M.D.
Assistant Director, General Medicine & Assistant Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine
UVA Student Health Center

Our Services

Thanks to our long partnerships with healthcare providers here in the Charlottesville and surrounding areas, we at Accutype Services know that you need flexibility when it comes to managing your information. We have experience with all the options you have to record and send data, so we utilize the appropriate technologies to give you the best, most appropriate method of information handling – from how you send it to how you receive it, whatever your preferences and your budget. Because you – and your clients! – can’t sit around waiting for medical transcriptions, we never outsource your work – with our staff of local transcriptionists, we can promise you a 24-to-48-hour turnaround time. And because we care about your security, our different electronic delivery methods all meet HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements with a minimum of 128-bit encryption or greater.

Data Sending

Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder1. Digital Recorder – Transcription on the Move!

Doctors rarely find themselves settled in the office with a phone at hand. With digital recorders, you get the convenience of always having a transcriptionist in the palm of your hand! Accutype Services utilizes the Olympus DS-4000 recorder, a high-end device that features insert/overwrite capability. It also integrates with DocShuttle software. We use DocShuttle Dictator, an affordable software package that lets you upload voice files from your recorder and microphone station, as well as giving you the power to review, sign, and print completed documents.

Telephone2. Phone – Information Management on Call.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Sound familiar? Phones are just about everywhere, so they provide the most preferred method of dictation for most doctors. You avoid purchasing even more complicated or expensive equipment and software while getting a reliable method of recording information. Accutype Service’s toll-free 800 number also allows you to call in for free from anywhere. And once you or your dictator hang up the phone, the recorded dictation is immediately sent to a transcriptionist for typing. Telephone dictation also offers all of the same options found with other digital recorders, such as pause, rewind, and fast forward.

VIS Microphone Station3. Microphone Station – Ideal for PC Dictation.

When you want lots of options for recording and handling information, microphone recording may be the best choice. Accutype Services recommends the VIS Microphone Station, which allows you to record information to your computer with a USB cable and DocShuttle software. You can then transfer those files directly over the internet using our secure web-based data-management tools.

Data Receiving

E-Mail – Simplicity and Security.

Accutype Services stays connected with our clients in many ways. Because most doctors rely on e-mail, we return your transcriptions to you via secure e-mail – for the fastest, safest turnaround. We meet HIPAA requirements by sending you a link to a Microsoft Word document rather than sending you that document directly – you just click the link and then have access to the file on our secure server. Once you enter your password, an encrypted connection allows you to download the Word file to your computer. This way, all you need to access your information is access to your e-mail account!

Data Handling

With so much information to manage, you may have concerns about losing control of your critical data, but with Accutype Services, you never need to fear! As your caring partners, we ensure that you have access to your information whenever and wherever you need it. Days, nights, holidays – our secure systems will always be available to you online.

  • We keep voice files for 30 days and typed documents for one year.

1. Software Manager

Software management means that you never have to wonder about the status of your data. You can track what you’ve dictated from the time you send it through the transcription process, all the way to the return of the finished document to you – so you know what’s happening, when it’s happening. We’re your partners and we want you to stay informed and be certain that we’re handling your information promptly and carefully.

2. Patient Lists

Unlike most other medical transcription services, Accutype Services provides you with summary lists for patients that date. You get an easy-to-read synopsis of information on patients that was or was not dictated on a daily basis. This is a feature that our clients really like.

Because we know that caring for your patients puts great demands on you, Accutype Services strives to give you the greatest flexibility, control, and security whenever you need it. Rely on us to be your PARTNERS ON DEMAND!

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