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I have been pleased with the service that Accutype offers for transcriptions of my dictated outpatient clinic visit notes. The digital dictation equipment has helped with rapid turn-around time of notes being posted on our electronic medical records.  We really appreciate the help from Accutype over the years.

Kristin Bell, M.D.
Assistant Director, General Medicine & Assistant Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine
UVA Student Health Center

SeaPort-e Prime Contractor

Accutype Services has been awarded contract #N00178-12-D-6745 to support Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e).

Quality Assurance:

Accutype Services Inc. continues to grow and make changes as the medical records/ information/EMR system changes and change with the demand for faster and immediate access to a patient’s medical records. We have serviced hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices for over 25 years and delivered a variety of medical reports to these facilities.

  • We are in business to cut cost of staff transcriptionists and their benefits.
  • Physicians only pay for only those services used.
  • Physicians can focus on patient care rather than administration and information management.
  • We manage workflow/dictation to ensure fast turn around and reliable quality.
  • Training is provided to you and your staff.
  • Accutype meets and exceeds the standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act).

As your professional partners Accutype Services Inc. team will be able to service your needs and assure that the transition from current systems is smooth and professional.

Task Order Management Approach

Accutype Services Inc. will define and establish and be a part of the team’s project when a contract has been awarded. We will use management activities for program execution in a timely manner to support fast work completion. Accutype Services along with other team members will set goals to establish that the requirements of the project/contract are met in a timely manner set forth in the contract.

Team Members:

GOV Solutions, LLC

GOVSOLUTIONS, Inc. has over 21 Years of experience in Project Management, Interior construction and installation services.

Area of Expertise: Quality Assurance (QA) Support, Program Support, Functional and Administrative Support

LTC Solutions

LTC Solutions, L.L.C. provides engineering, technology and technical support to MCSC and the Product Groups. Services provided include Technology Readiness Assessments support (TRA), Strategic planning for technology programs, Acquisition engineering (e.g., reviews / audits / DoD 5000 compliance), Engineering assessments, IPT support and PGD advisory assistance, PGD/DC SIAT Program management support. Analytical support for MCSC programs within the Technology Development Acquisition phase.

Area of Expertise: Research & Development Support, Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support, Quality Assurance Support, Clerical and Administrative Support


Clean and inspect diesel fuel piping. Work Performed consisted of flushing 150 linear feet of 2.5” diesel fuel pipe free of debris, organic growth, and gelatinous hydrocarbons using a closed loop system and clean No. 2 diesel fuel as the flushing agent. At the end of every evolution a bore scope was used to inspect piping in the presence of KRT personnel and a USCG inspector. Systems affected (Main diesel engines, main generators).

Area of Expertise:Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support, System Safety Engineering Support, Quality Assurance (QA) Support, Supply and Provisioning Support, In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support, Program Support

Task Orders:

A list of all Task Orders will be posted here upon award.

Point of Contact:

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